Oodi++ is a userscript for WebOodi. It adds a powerful schedule view that allows you to pick lectures and other events and follow your schedule filling up in real time. The completed schedule can be exported in iCalendar format compatible with most calendar software.

Potential future features:


To use Oodi++ you need a userscript manager like Tampermonkey. Install it first for Firefox or Chrome.

Then download the userscript itself. It's available in three editions:

The script depends on Preact and jQuery, which are included in the file. If you want to verify their minified source code, the files are [preact.module.js], [hooks.module.js] ja [jquery.slim.min.js].


The original source code is available on GitLab under the MIT license. The build process uses Webpack and TypeScript, but the configuration intends to maximize the readability of the result.

The stable release is in the stable branch, while master contains the latest development version and may be unstable. To build the userscripts just run npm install and make (requires a normal *nix environment and a relatively fresh Node.js).